Cheerleading Policies

As a Mercy High Cheerleader, you will be held accountable for knowing and abiding by the following policies:


  • Since academics and good citizenship are of primary importance at Mercy High School, all girls involved in extracurricular activities must receive grades indicating they are working to their potential. The rules and regulations outlined in the student handbook regarding academic probation will be followed.



  • All cheerleaders are expected to be at all practices and games at the designated times. Failure to attend will result in strikes as outline below.
  • Practices are held Mondays from 3:45-5:15 (all cheerleaders) and Tuesdays from 3:00-5:00 (competition team only). Come to practice ready to go. Wear the proper clothing—t-shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes. If you are not dressed properly for practice you will receive a uniform infraction.
  • All cheerleaders must arrive at games 30 minutes before the posted game time.
  • If an emergency arises and you are unable to attend practice or a game, it is your responsibility to speak directly to the coach.
  • Camp is held at Mercy the Monday – Thursday the week before school starts in August. Specific times will be announced as it gets closer, but keep those dates open. Camp is MANDATORY for all cheerleaders.


Strike System

  • Full Strike:
    • Unexcused, unannounced absences at practices or games:
  • Half Strike:
    • Late to game or practice (unannounced)
    • Pre-approved absence from a practice or a game (this will be granted for things such as family responsibilities, other school activity commitments, etc.)
    • Absence due to illness for a weekday game if you were at school (If you were not at school, no strike)
  • Quarter Strike:
    • Absence due to illness for a weekend game (if you were not at school on Friday, no strike)
    • Preapproved late to game or practice, or leaving early from game or practice
    • Uniform Infraction
    • Preapproved absence from a rescheduled game.

The following actions will be taken after receiving the determined number of strikes:

  • After one strike, you will receive a verbal warning and parents will be notified via email.
  • After two strikes, you will be required to sit out from the next game. You will also lose lettering status.
  • After your third strike, you will be removed from the team.

Criteria for lettering in cheerleading:

  1. Be a member of the varsity squad
  2. Receive no more than 1.5 strikes.


  • Your behavior during school is very important. Excessive demerits or detentions will result in disciplinary action and missed games.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to be proud representatives of Mercy High School, both on and off the school grounds. Cheerleaders must behave in a sportswoman-like manner at all sporting events and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner any time in uniform. This include social media posts.
  • Any violations of the above behavior guidelines may result in the acquiring of strikes, as determined by the coach. Consequences of strikes are outlined above.



  • Cheerleaders are responsible for their own transportation to all in-metro games.
  • Cheerleaders must ride the bus to all out-of-metro games. You may ride home with a parent if pre-arranged.
  • After games, it is your responsibility to make sure your rides are prompt in picking you up. Your coach should not have to wait for your rides to pick you up after games. After home games and the metro-area away gamesyou are expected to leave the building in a timely manner (10-15 minutes after the game) whether you are waiting for a ride or driving yourself. On bus trips, you will be told to contact your ride when we leave. Rides should be waiting at Mercy when the bus pulls in. If the coach must wait more than 5 minutes for your ride to show up, you will earn a half strike.



  • Cheerleaders must wear their complete uniform to school on the day of games and pep rallies. This consists of skirts, shells, briefs, shoes, solid white socks, bow, and bodyliners. Warm-up jackets may be worn in school on game days if you are cold. Warm-up pants are not to be worn in school. Warm-up pants are only to be worn on the way to and from a game. When traveling to and from games, the cheer uniform and warm-up ensemble are the only items cheerleaders should be wearing other than a coat in cold weather. Jeans or other sweat pants should never be worn with the uniform; this includes any miscellaneous, optional cheer apparel that has been purchased. Students are responsible for buying their own uniform. Not wearing uniform on game day or wearing the uniform improperly will result in two school demerits for being out of uniform.
  • While in uniform, hair should be styled neatly and with the bow that has been decided. Bows are not optional- they are part of the uniform. Exceptions for cheerleaders with extremely short hair will be made on a case-by-case basis. Headbands or bows that are not part of the uniform are not allowed.
  • Jewelry is not part of the uniform and should not be worn, with the following exceptions. If you have pierced ears, you may wear earrings that are small and do not hang below the earlobe. You may also wear your class ring. Any other jewelry is not considered uniform and should not be worn with the uniform at school on game days or during a game. No necklaces or bracelets of any kind.